The great team at Artifacia

Artifacia Intern

The art of learning to learn at Artifacia

Winter was fast approaching, I had the strive to pursue my newfound love of machine learning, and some fortuitous circumstances led me here to Artifacia.

I had a humble background in Machine Learning and Computer Vision having done a research project and a bunch of online courses. It was an interesting selection process that got me through to becoming an intern. So let’s start with the exciting journey of learning to learn in India’s very own valley.

My first day at the startup was nothing like I had expected (and I mean that in the best of ways possible). I was introduced, oriented, taught how things were done and I was loving the startup experience already. Me interestingly, a bit of an introvert opened up before I knew to the nice and hospitable team at Artifacia. Little did I know, that at the end of my intern I would feel like a part of the Artifacia family.

I was told, I would get to make the choice of the projects that I’d be working on and the main motive of my task was to get a version 0.1 running. While I could get into the gory (but beautiful) details of my projects, I’d like to focus more on the journey here. I delved into my first project and soon understood how working at a startup was distinctly different from the academic research I was used to. The pace, to be honest, was daunting. But at the same time Navneet and Vivek kept the fire, so to say, burning with pep talks and discussions of exploring new projects and expanding the boundaries of AI. My biggest take-away from this in the process of getting v0.1 up and running was to learn quick but build and test faster.

It might be banal to say that working on a startup is different but I would like to reiterate and say it helps you grow in ways you’d never imagined. I understood what it was to work with a team and how academic research was different from the real life implementation. I picked up the skill of wading through piles of research papers to grow further and soon reading research papers turned into a hobby. The team is what makes a startup great and the research team at Artifacia is what made it’s tech so. The Artifacia Research conversations remain one of my best memories discussing things from hallucinating GANs to creating humans dreaming because of built in GANs.

To top it all up Artifacia outings and celebrations are something I’ll cherish for long. A christmas lunch, the secret santa,the AI meetups, the New Year Sci-Fi CosPlay, playing board games - everything, made my experience at Artifacia truly serendipitous.

I finally got through the winters with four projects in five weeks and a built up resolve to learn and do that shall stay with me for long.