Video Summarisation

Experimentation with various algorithms and propose a deep supervised technique using LSTMs

GANs for dehazing

Usings GANs and experimenting with loss functions and stacking GANs for dehazing images

Natural Parameter Networks

Work on extending bayesian formulation to RNNs and an independent FC implementation

Artifacia Intern

My internship at an AI startup called Artifacia

Improving Dynamic Streaming with Deep Learning

An attempt at predicting where humans look in the future

Variational Paraphrase Generation

A project to control the generation of paraphrases using a conditional VAE

Recent Developments

Teaching / Mentorship

  • I have been an instructor at the Machine Learning Summer School (May 2018) at IIT Kanpur which was a 10 days school covering the basic aspects of machine learning and deep learning. The course website is available here.
  • I have been an Academic Mentor for the course Fundamentals of Computing for the academic year (2015-16) where I mentored Freshmen in an introductory programming course.